Offshore Shark Fishing

Made it out last night with mate Kevin Louge to do some shark fishing, looking to put a Mako or thresher on the deck. We were met with thick fog as soon as we left the dock and stuck with us until we got back to the dock. Once we stopped and put the chum bag in the water and fed the first 2 lines out and before we could get the 3rd line in the water we had a shark on. Kevin quickly reeled in and released a nice Sand Bar shark, and set the tone for the rest of the night. We continued to reel in shark after shark, never going more than 15 minutes without a shark on. Unfortunately, we never connected to the species we were looking for, but we finished with releasing 17 sandbar sharks tagging two of them.

The weather looks great for Friday for a shark trip leave the dock at 3pm and return around midnight $750 call to book!

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